About Us

Lawson Equipment is owned and operated by me and my wife, Lawson and Danielle Kline.  I live, eat, breath, and sleep in the outdoors.  I love backpacking, biking, brewing my own beer, canoeing, camping, cooking over an open fire, fishing, hiking, hunting, kayaking, shooting, snow skiing, surfing, water skiing, and anything else I can do outside and Danielle supports my addictions.  We have two little girls and they love the outdoors just like us.  


Our business was founded in 2008 with the name Mountainfitter.  But I soon realized people were calling all my products by my first name on outdoor forums, product review websites, and Youtube videos.  So I canged the name to Lawson Equipment to better match all the word of mouth marketing my gear was getting.  We are a family owned manufacturing company with a focus on making high quality braided lines and metal hardware.  All of our products are Proudly Designed, Devleoped, and Manufactured in House, right here in the USA. I like to say that "If we make it, it's the best there is."    And since we do not outsource the production of anything, we are able to make better quality products and sell them to you for less money.   We primarly sell direct to consumer, but we work with a few retailers around the world to have better distribution.  I stand behind every product we make and have a 100% NO BULLSHIT GUARANTEE.  If you are not 100% satisfied with anything you buy from us, no matter the reason, send it back for an exchange or a full refund.  This can be next week, next year or next decade.


In addtion to making our own products, a huge percentage of our production capacity goes to making custom products for other companies in a whole range of industries.  Everything from zipper pulls for big backpack compaines to line used by the military.   So if your company needs a braided line or custom metal product, we might be able to help you.  We use the best materials and craftsmanship available and alot of times we have better pricing then job shops down the street or factories on the other side of the world. 


One thing that I don't promote much because I think it should be more common among outdoor gear compaines is that we do what I like to call "clean manufacturing".   And this is not some hyped up thing promoted by our non exsistant marketing department.   Clean manufacturing to me means that during the production of our products we use no harmful chemicals, we try to recycle everything we don't use, and we package all of our products in as little packaging as we can.  I love the outdoors so I try very hard, to not destroy it.  For example, early on in this business I was vibratory finishing some aluminum products and was using a specially designed cleaner/compound used by everyone.  Its used to control film residue and puts a bright finish on the parts.  But I noticed that I was getting rashes on my hands even though it was only considered "slightly hazardous".   I decided to do some research and found out that it was also not environmentally friendly.  So I started calling and talking to lots of people in the metal finishing industry.  EVERYONE told me "Lawson, there is nothing else you can use.  You have to use that type of cleaner/compound in order to have nice looking parts and if you don't, they are going to look like crap".   Instead of accepting this wisdom as fact, I took it as a challenge.  I worked hard to formulate my own cleaner/compound using just three ingredients.  I use a blend of white vinegar, natural dish soap, and a fine sand.  What I created was something that worked better, was more environmentally friendly, and no longer gave my hands rashes.  Since then I have been very aware of chemicals, safety data sheets, epa chemical fact sheets, and have done lots of research and testing on cleaner/greener options.    Alot of the products out there that are labeled as "green" are far from it when you dig deeper into their forumulations.   I am not a tree hugger, I am just someone who cares about the outdoors, enviroment, people, animals, fish, and my health.  I want to live along time and I want to leave earth better then I found it for my kids.    


Thanks for your interest in our products and company. We look forward to doing business with you.  If you have any questions or concerns at all, please be sure to let us know.  



Me, Danielle and my killer mustache at a family christmas party this year.  I thought it was a funny picture because I shaved off my beard before the party and left just my mustache to be funny.  My kids were scared of me and Danielle could not stop laughing when she looked at me.  Hahaha.  Happy 2019 to everyone!!!


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