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Ultraglide Bear Line

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Our Reflective Ultraglide bear line was specifically designed to be used as a bear bagging line.  It is Ultra Strong, Ultra Slick, Ultra Light and Ultra Tough.  Our cord is made using Dyneema SK75 which is one of the slickest, strongest and lightest weight fibers ever created.  Unlike other throw lines on the market that have vinyl or urethane coatings.  Ours does not, as we wanted to maximize its slipperiness.  Dyneema Fibers Coefficient of Friction is comparable to that of Teflon, but the Dyneema Fiber we use has much better abrasion resistance. 15 times more abrasion resistance than carbon steel.  This is like having a non-stick coating on your throwline.  Which means, that our UltraGlide effortlessly glides and slides over tree limbs and will not get hung up.  Gear testers have commented that it feels like there is a pulley in the tree's.  The cord features a double color fleck of orange which adds a pop of color to the line and protects the 3M reflective tracer from abrasion. After braiding, the line is pre-stretched and polished which makes the surface extra smooth.  While its super slick, it holds knots well.  But we recommend a little extra tail on your knots.  The diameter is little larger than other throwlines, so its easier on your hands and tree limbs.  This is the best bear bagging line out there.  This cord is proudly manufactured by us on our braiding machines using the best quality yarns available. Diameter: 2.3mm (3/32"), Weight: 2.0 oz per 50',  3.5mm (9/64"), Weight 4.0 oz per 50'.  Avg.Break Strength: Not Rated, But Strong Enough to hang a Grizzly Bear!  Made In USA


Backpacking Light- Best Gear of the Year 2015

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jeremy , 02/19/2020


Reviewed by Clayton B, 12/03/2019

Like everything we own from Lawson -GREAT PRODUCT! We have a previous generation and it is very strong, slick, super reflective and works great for hanging food here in Montana! You will love it and wish you bought it sooner.

Reviewed by MadUncleAndy , 09/27/2019

Of course, I use this for hanging food bags...but wait, there's more...!!!

My wife is in a perpetual war with our backyard squirrels, and challenged me to come up with a tree-rat-resistant solution for our bird feeders. This line, along with PCT hang, top baffles, and a TI toggle has held up for years of continuous use. Yeah...it'll hold your food bag overnight if you hang it well.

Reviewed by Jobber J, 07/23/2019

For a couple of decades I have camped and fly fished at a primitive campsite in North Central Pennsylvania. I have always hung my food cache where ever I camped. Last season I hung a food cache using 550 paracord figuring it would hold up better than the old cotton clothesline I had previously used. Needless to say it took quite an effort to raise the cache due to the friction of the paracord cutting into the flaky bark of a Yellow Birch. A fellow camper suggested I search the internet for a lighter, yet strong and slippery cord. I'm glad I stumbled upon Lawson Equipment and their Ultraglide Bear Line. I ordered it and received it just in time for my late summer camping trip to PA. Based upon customer reviews, I'm sure I won't be disappointed.
Thanks Danielle for your quick response to my email order.

Reviewed by Curt P, 07/06/2019

I bought the UltraGlide bear line along with the companion bear bag toggle & they work great together. The UltraGlide line slide effortlessly over any branch with no snags or tangles & the reflective threads make it easy to spot. If you want the best, look no further... another great product from Lawson!

Reviewed by Ralf , 03/30/2019

Still love my 1st. generation (non reflective) Ultraglide Bearline, except that with my rather occasional use it might last an eternity and I may never have an excuse to replace it with the nicely reflective one I gave to a friend some Xmas ago...
Definitely get 100' (I use the 3.5mm) if you want to hang high between 2 trees. If I stay more than 1 night and there is a multi person, multi day food pack, I rig a cross-line that stays up and just pull the food bag up with another Ultraglide line running through a looped in small ring or biner in the horizontal line (well, more like 15 deg. or so each leg, like a too tight hammock, the line takes the load nicely. 30 deg. each leg and trees far apart would force you to throw that line maybe too high to manage).

Reviewed by Tyler , 03/30/2019

If you're looking for an UL bear hang solution, you found it. This line is, in fact, ultralight, and is super strong to boot. Something to be aware of, though, the line is thin, so if you are going to use it for a heavy group hang, you'll want to use a pulley because it can become a saw that will damage trees or plastic carabiners. That's in no way a critique of the product, just a note for appropriate application. A fatter line would suit heavy loads (> ~10 lbs) better. For solo or duo UL use, this is the best line around. Teflon does wear a bit over time, depending on your use. Importantly, Lawson provides excellent costumer service, and is a rare example of a dedicated small business owner. Buy some!

Reviewed by Libert , 03/30/2019

Works great. The best bear line I've had. Another great product from a great company!

Reviewed by Works e, 03/29/2019

I bought this for my Appalachian Trail thru hike. I used it the whole way without any issues of fraying or getting snagged. It is still in as good a shape as when I bought it after 6 months of daily use. The reflective line is perfect for when I woke up in the morning and couldn't remember where I hung my bag. Just spin around with the head lamp on until it shows up. I would highly recommend.

Reviewed by Banner , 03/29/2019

This line is the best. Like the AT hiker above, I used it just about every day on my thru hike. I can't say anything bad about it. I'd give it more than five stars if I could. I sometimes do tree work in my job and have to use long throw lines so I do have experience with getting ropes up into trees. This line is easy to use, tangle free, glows in the dark like you won't believe. Just add a small rock/storage bag and you've got a great bear line. As crazy as it sounds this was one of my favorite pieces of gear on the trail. I actually looked forward to evening bear bagging. I used a fifty foot length which was good, I wouldn't have wanted shorter.
I'll just add that bear bagging, in my opinion is an important skill, so do yourself a favor and get the best line money can buy. Happy trails.

Reviewed by Tom S, 03/19/2019

I bought the ultraglide bear line because other throw lines are a headache to use. I have tried them all.. Samson Zing it, New England Dynaglide, Zpacks Slickline, etc. They tangle and none are reflective. The ultraglide is superior in every way. I am glad I read about it on Reddit. Its slick, its reflective, and best of all it doesn't tangle. I highly recommend!

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