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Titanium Tent Stakes

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Product Details: 

Our titanium hook stakes are designed to excel in hard and rocky soils where most other stakes fail to penetrate the ground. That is because our stakes are the best designed and most well manufactured.  We use the strongest titanium available and we bend the hook so the apex is over the spine. This creates a tent stake that is stronger, drives straighter, has less bounce back when you hit it, has more holding power and will not turn around under tension.  We manufacture the stakes in two sizes.  Our UL stakes are perfect for those looking to cut every gram possible while still having a stake that is long enough to work effectively.   And for those of you who want something tougher with a little more driving and holding power, our HD stakes are just the ticket. Review after review says our stakes are the best made.  Like all of our products, these are Made in the USA, using the best materials on Earth!

Technical Details:

7.0" HD .40oz (11.5 Grams) .156" Diameter rod, Grade 5 (6AL-4V) cold worked

What sets our stakes apart from our competitors:

We use the strongest grade of titanium available, we design our stakes to work, we make them stronger and longer because we realize that is more important to their holding power then how little they weigh, and we are able to give you more stake for less money because we manufacture them ourselves.  

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Steven M, 03/01/2020

Tent stakes really take a pounding up in the rocky clay dirt of the High Uintas where I hunt and camp. Literally. But these stakes take whatever I dish out. There must really be something to Lawson’s “apex over the spine” design, because these are the most durable stakes I’ve ever used. And unlike other hook-type stakes, these don’t feel like a spring when I’m beating on them. Strong enough to come out looking good. Light enough to pack with a small tarp & some guywire for an emergency shelter kit in my day pack. The dollar per quality value here is undeniable.

Reviewed by Clayton B, 12/03/2019

Like everything Lawson - great product! I purchased my stakes a few years back and they are strong, light and work well here in Montana on my outdoor adventures!

Reviewed by Packmanpete , 09/18/2019

I can’t remember the last time I was so impressed with something I bought. The 7” HD stakes are the real deal. Seriously tough and seriously light. If you are on the fence, just get some. They are well worth it. I kinda want to purchase a few UL stakes to try them out now...

I have used lots of different shepherd’s hook titanium stakes, and these are the best. By a large margin.

Reviewed by Michael V, 05/31/2019

Weights of Ti stakes. If the gram weight is correct,then the 6.5 g is .23 oz. 8.5 is .3 oz, 11.5 is 41 oz, 14 g is .49 oz .

Reviewed by Matt H, 05/31/2019

I really appreciate the holding power, robustness, and ease of driving Lawson’s HD stakes. And the UL stakes give the best holding power of the stakes I’ve tried in their weight class. I think about which stakes to bring for every trip I take and always settle on bringing at least a couple HDs and a couple UL stakes, in addition to whatever else I’m bringing for whatever shelter I’m bringing, wherever I’m going. As someone who is very particular about his tent stakes, I’m glad to have found a product in this category that works flawlessly every time.

Reviewed by Drew B, 03/31/2019

I picked up four of the HD stakes some time ago and have used them over and over. Don't let the light weight fool you; these are tough. They held through a wild night on the AT with rain, thunder and whipping winds. Shipping was quick and the price is great. Definitely the folks to do business with.

Reviewed by Almog K, 03/30/2019

The only stakes I take for high route shelter setup.

Reviewed by Mark B, 03/30/2019

I bought the HD stakes. Cool feel in the hand, used them a few times, worked fine. Then I camped in an area where the ground felt like rock. I was beating the heck out of the stakes with a rock, watching them go about 1/8” deeper with each hit. Pulled them out next morning and every stake looked like new. So I bought another set for my brother in law. These are amazing stakes!

Reviewed by Rich , 03/30/2019

These stakes are well worth the money. Light, strong and they hold well too.

Reviewed by Jeff H, 03/29/2019

I had originally purchased ultralight titanium stakes from another cottage vendor, and they bent in my own lawn while doing a trial set-up of a new tent. After reading Lawson's description of his 7" UL, I bought some to try. Premium quality all the way. Have used them on the rockiest stretches of the AT in Pennsylvania, and have not bent a single stake. They seem to snake between the rocks, and the hold is super. These are the ones you want!!

Reviewed by Colin M, 03/20/2019

I love these almost as much as your apex stakes. The ones I bought 8 years ago are still perfect.

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