Hungry Fish Cord Winder

$12.50 - $15.00

My kids said these look like hungry fish so that is what I named them.  Use our Hungry Fish Cord Winder to store your cords, lines, and twines. The cord winder is made from 6061 Aerospace grade aluminum and is available in two sizes.  Our 8" version has been optimized for 1-3mm lines and a 12" version has been optimized for 3-5mm lines.  Both will hold a few hundred feet of line depending on the diameter used.   Both versions feature camming slots on each end so you can put the tail of the cord through these slots so nothing unrolls.  Proudly Designed, Developed, and Manufactured by US, right here in the USA. 


Size: 8" long x 2.375" wide,  Thickness: .125" (1/8") Weight:1.57oz (44.6 grams)

Size: 12" long x 3.50" wide,  Thickness: .125" (1/8") Weight: 3.57oz (101.3 grams)


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Don P, 05/31/2019

Love the small one I got. I use it for my bear line (also a Lawson product) and have discovered there's no need for a separate rock bag. Just tie an end to the small hole at either end of the Fish winder, and use it as the weight for flinging over a tree branch. Of course it will also work with any cordage you're trying to wrangle into a non-tangled storage solution.

Reviewed by Chris D, 03/31/2019

I have the large version and it's great for holding extra cordage! I think I'll be ordering some small ones as well.

Reviewed by Jack E, 03/20/2019

Given how well all your products are designed and manufactured, and how much of your cord I have. I had to give one of these a shot. Its awesome. I have the 8" one and it holds plenty of cord. You should think about making a 6" version too.

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