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All tents and tarps are dependent on their guylines in high winds, so why trust your shelters security to something that is sub-standard?  Especially when Lawson Equipment's Reflective Glowire exsists.  Not only is our Reflective Glowire the best guyline made, its also the most reflective too.  This keeps you from tripping over your tent or tarp at night or loosing your camp.  Our Reflective glowire is constructed with a High Strength, Low Stretch, UV and Tangle resistant Polyester.  And to make sure our Reflective Glowire is the most reflective line made, we use super reflective 3M Scotchlite which is the most reflective yarn in the world.  This results in a finished product that exceeds all of your needs.  Our 2mm size is our most popular diameter.  It is perfect for lighter weight backpacking tents, tarps, and accessory items you want to put reflective laynards on.  Our 3mm size is also very popular because its twice as reflective and more than twice as strong.  It is perfect for the person who doesn't care about cutting every gram, prefers knots to hardware, and wants a super tough easy to use reflective line. Our 5mm size is common with the big group shelters, expedition shelters, general use acessory line for around camp and kayaks and rafts that have deck lines.  Review after review says our Reflective Glowire is the best reflective cord made. Like all of our products, this cord is proudly designed, developed, and manufactured by us, right here in the USA.  


Technical Details:


Size: 2mm (5/64"),  Weight Per Foot: .04oz (1.13grams),  Avg. Break Strength: 225lbs

Size: 3mm (1/8"), Weight Per Foot: .08oz (2.26grams), Avg. Break Strength 450lbs

Size: 5mm (13/64"), Weight Per Foot: .235oz(6.66grams), Avg. Break Strength 1250lbs


What sets our Glowire apart from our competitors:


We use the best yarns possible. We use the most reflective tracer material in the world even though its very expensive.  We use twice as much of it.  We give you more product for less money. We design the line to work really great and we make it ourselves.  




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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jack E, 03/20/2019

I am glad to see you put a review area on your new website. Your Reflective Glowire is the best cord made. I tell everyone about it and put it on all my shelters. Keep up the good work Lawson.

Reviewed by Colin M, 03/20/2019

Best reflective cord made.

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