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5mm :
Product Details:
We manufacture our Glowire to be extremely reflective, strong, low stretch, and tangle resistant.  It is constructed using twice as much reflective yarn as every other reflective line on the market.  It can be used for any application you can think of and will become your new favorite refective accessory cord.   Made in the USA, using the best materials on Earth!       
Construction Type, Technical Details & Materials:
Kernmantle Construction. Not Spliceable.
Size: 2mm (5/64"),  Weight Per Foot: .04oz (1.13grams),  Avg. Break Strength: 250 lbs
Size: 2.5mm (3/32"), Weight Per Foot: .058 (1.65grams), Avg. Break Strength: 350 lbs
Size: 3mm (1/8"), Weight Per Foot: .08oz (2.26grams), Avg. Break Strength 550 lbs
Size: 5mm (13/64"), Weight Per Foot: .235oz(6.66grams), Avg. Break Strength 1700 lbs
3M Scotchlite Reflective Yarn.  High Tenacity Polyester Jacket w/ High Tenacity Parallel Fiber Core.  UV Resistant.  Jacket and Core Melt Together.   
What sets our Glowire apart from our competitors:
We use the best yarns possible. We use the most reflective tracer material in the world even though its very expensive.  We use twice as much of it.  We give you more product for less money. We design the line to work really great and we make it ourselves.       

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Myles S, 08/28/2019

Just started my 4th season of high country mule deer Archery hunting. I've been using the same 2.5mm line on all my tents/tarps/tipis for all 4 seasons. The only reason I bought more is I found more uses for the glow-wire and I bought another tent. Outstanding gear! Its the only cord I trust to last 10 miles back in high places. Thank you Lawson Equipment.

Reviewed by Spec , 08/27/2019

This stuff rocks! I don't like using anything else.

Easy to tie, easy to untie, super reflective, does not stretch, AND with shipping to Canada it costs less per foot than the inferior reflective cord sold at MEC.

11/10 customer service as well.

Reviewed by Jim R, 08/15/2019

LOVE this stuff!
I am an active Boy Scouts of America leader across all levels of the program.
I use it to make special neckerchief slides, water bottle holders, and our Troops' and Crew's tents and dining flies all have glowire guy lines for safety.
I am a knot guy - it ties well and is a great value for it's cost per foot.
It is simply the best that I have found.
It would be cool to post some of our organization's photos shot with our tents and flies set up …..

Reviewed by Super s, 08/06/2019

Weather can be very intense when winter camping in Svalbard at 78° north. This cord has kept my tent safe in the strongest winds and if a polar bear decides to check us out I guess the cord can be used for a true polar bear hogtie as well.
All my guylines are replaced with 2mm glowire. For safety and no tangles.

Reviewed by Jeremy , 06/18/2019

Extremely strong. Reflectiveness is amazing. Can't wait to start using in the bush. I'll be back to update soon.

Reviewed by Josh , 06/04/2019

I have ordered this cord again and again. Whenever I have a new shelter, I pick this up. Lights up my tarps and tents in the night and stops my kids from killing themselves running around at night. When I tie my bear bag up in the middle of the night I turn around and see my shelter shining in the distance, which is a lot better than trying to find it in the dark with me being tired. Love this stuff.

Reviewed by John S, 05/31/2019

Great stuff. In addition to glowing very bright when light hits it at night, I think a lot of people don't notice that because it is a little stiff, it really resists tangling.

Reviewed by Glowire +, 03/31/2019

Bought the black glowire and bar tensioners for my tarp, and they work exceptionally well together. I've lost my tent/hammock in the woods before, and this stuff glows like a runway landing strip. Good stuff. And strong. And light weight. Yeah, you need this.

Reviewed by Ralf , 03/30/2019

I use 2mm & 3mm (hammock tarp or tent, dependes & additional larger rain tarp). Great low stretch cord. Simple quick release trucker hitches hold well. VERY visible at night if lit up by a light.

Reviewed by Almog K, 03/30/2019

This is everything one can expect from cord to be used as a guy line:
Doesn't stretch a bit, works with LineLoc3 and doesn't slip when wet (nor does it absorb a lot of water), and how it glows at dark... Like Mountain Lion's eyes in a pitch dark night!

Attach these to your tarp and send your enemies fleeing in terror, convinced it's a herd of these feline beasts they have fallen upon!

Reviewed by Matt F, 03/30/2019

This is the BEST reflective cord we’ve tried! it’s all we use for our Boy Scout/ Scouts BSA / Venturing Crew. Low stretch, holds knots well, very reflective. We have it on 8 large dining flys and on our tents. When you’ve got a bunch of kids running around in the dark, reflectivity and visibility are key!

Reviewed by Michael H, 03/30/2019

I have been using the black glowire as guy lines for my flat tarp when backpacking. I am very impressed with it. Strong, holds the knots/hitches beautifully, and is easy to work with. I have had no tangling issues, which sets it apart from other lines I have used. I recommend it and would not hesitate to use it with future shelter set ups.

Reviewed by Derek T, 03/29/2019

Great cord. I use the 2mm and 3mm.

Reviewed by Colin M, 03/20/2019

Best reflective cord made.

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