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Apex Tent Stakes

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Our Apex stakes are made using Aerospace Grade 7075 T-6 Aluminum which is one of the strongest aluminum alloys made.  This Alloy is commonly used to make Airplanes, Climbing Equipment, Bicycle Components and many Military Weapons.  We designed our Apex stakes to be very versatile and work equally well in loose rocky soils, soft soils, sand, light snow, forest duff, etc.   The surface finish is left natural as it increases the holding power of the stakes.  And for those of you who set your tent up in bottomless sand or snow we recomend tieing your tents guyline cordage around the middle of the stake and burying as deep as you like.  Made In the USA using the best materials on Earth!


7.5" long x .90" wide, weight: .55oz (15 grams)

9.0" long x 1.05" wide, weight: 1.00oz (28 grams) .  

12" long x 1.50" wide, weight: 1.75oz (50 grams) 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Robert V, 12/01/2020

I need more of these!!! Great in rocky tough soil. I have a couple of big tarps that need a stake I can count on!! The big one is also great as a snow stake here in Alaska!

Reviewed by Matt B, 11/28/2020

Just brilliant stakes, hold in everything from sand and snow to hard packed dirt and still easy to drive in without mangling your hands.
Shame to see they're out of production.

Reviewed by Alexander K, 07/22/2020

Great stakes. Very user friendly. Very sturdy anchors. I hope these will be avialable again.

Reviewed by Richard S, 09/27/2019

These work great. The U shape allows them to nest together very easy which is good for packing, and the wider and longer sizes make other stakes look like a bad joke next to these. I even tried the 12"ones for big tarp that always gets wet and sags. They worked so good it felt like I was tying the guylines to tree roots. They just don't move. Great product!!!

Reviewed by Chris H, 05/31/2019

These stakes are bomber. We buried them in snow as deadman anchors, and they held up to a 12-hour windstorm without budging. They were so well set in that we had to dig them back out in the morning, we were unable to pull them out.

Reviewed by Almog K, 03/30/2019

These were the one thing that kept my shelter up on some sandy sections of the PCT where no rocks were to be found.
They're terribly durable and can be used as a trowel too when nature calls, or worse - summons.

Reviewed by Matt H, 03/30/2019

This is the best stake I’ve found for holding power:weight, they work great for my a-frame style shelter. Much stronger than a groundhog for 0.1oz difference. Comparable v-stakes are heavier and not as wide as these, and the curved shape make them much more pleasant to handle than a sharp v. Awesome stake!

Reviewed by Colin M, 03/20/2019

Best stakes made. I use mine for everything. Bring them back.

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