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Titanium Tent Stakes

$2.00 - $2.75
Size & Length:

Our extremely popular Titanium Tent Stakes are new and improved. They now feature a tighter diameter top bend with a more defined backbend.. These design improvements keep the Apex of the stake over the spine while giving you more striking area.  This results in a stake that is stronger, drives straighter, has less bounce back, and more holding power.  And to make sure they are the best titanium stakes made, we are now using a 25% higher tensile strength work-hardened Grade-5 Titanium.  This material has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal on earth and excels for the use of tent stakes.  This means you get more strength for less weight.  Our tent stakes strike the perfect balance between low weight and functionality and are offered in two diameters and two lengths.  Our UL stake are designed for those who want to cut every gram possible.  They use .125" (1/8") diameter rod and are available in 6.5" and 8.0" Long.  And for those of you who want something super tough with more holding power our HD stakes are the ticket.  They use a thicker .156" (5/32") diameter rod and are available in 7.0" and 8.5" Long.   Both versions are stronger and hold better than any other titanium stake on the market. That is why review after review says the are the best.   They are manufactured by us, in house on custom made machinery, right here in the USA.   Weights: 6.5" UL .22oz (6.5 Grams), 8.0" UL .28oz (8.0 Grams), 7.0" HD .38oz (11.0 Grams), 8.5" HD .45oz (13.0 Grams)