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SurvivalWire- Backordered until 4/30

$10.00 - $75.00

Our Patent Pending SurvivalWire is the worlds most versatile survival cord.  Here is a photo of whats inside the core of a 50' hank.


Survival Cord, Paracord, 550 para cord, 550 cord, made in usa


Our SurvivalWire features a High Tenacity UV Resistant Low Stretch Polyester Jacket that has over 400lbs of break strength by itself.  It can be used like a standard accessory cord, for anything you can think of..


The strippable core features the following items: 

1" Wide Neon Orange Flagging Tape (for trail marking, bread crumbing, signaling, etc.)    

6 Strands of 85lb 3Ply Twisted Polyester Twine (for shelter building, lashing, snaring, trapping, netting, first aid, etc,)

Single Ply Jute (for fire starting)

3M Scotchlite Yarn (for trail marking, flagging, signaling at night, etc,)

15lb test Mono Fishing Line (for fishing, trot lines, sutures, snares, etc.)


Like all of our products, this is manufactured in house on our braiding machines using the best materials on earth.  Diameter: 3.5mm (9/64"), Weight: 2.70oz per 25' (76 grams) due to all the goodies inside, Break Strength: 550lbs++. Made In USA.  Sold in 25' hanks, 50' hanks, 100' hanks and in spools 250'+ (by the foot, your choice of the length). 


*Please Note: When stripping the core, its best to tie one end of the core off to a fixed point and milk the jacket over the core only a few feet at a time.  Work your way all the way down to the end of the section that your trying to remove and then start over.  If you try to do too much at once, you can bunch up the flagging tape.  (Example: To remove the core out of a 50' hank, it could take as many as 25 "milks" from one end to the other. ) Please let us know if you have any questions.