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Mini Dropper Bottle Kit

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Repackage anything you can think of using our Mini Dropper Bottle Kit.   This includes stuff like Aquamira Water Treatment Drops, Bug Repellents, Liquid Soaps, Hot Sauces, Olive Oil, etc, etc.   The kit includes two 6ml (.20oz) bottles and two 15ml (.50oz)  bottles.   And to make sure your not guessing whats inside, each bottle has a blank label so you can write the contents. Size: 6ml bottle (2.30" tall x .70" dia), 15ml bottle (3.10" tall x .98" dia)   Material: Food Grade HDPE Plastic.  Weight: 6ml bottle .13oz (3.8grams) & 15ml bottle .24oz (6.9grams). Drop size: is 40uL (.001oz) per drop.  Made in USA.