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Mini Repackaging Kit


Repackage anything you can think of using our Repackaging kit.  The kit includes 4 mini dropper bottles, 4 mini jars, 4 mini vials, 12 labels* and 1 mini funnel.   This includes stuff like Aquamira Water Treatment Drops, Bug Repellents, Liquid Soaps, Hot Sauces, Olive Oil, Matches, Spices, Coffee, Peanut Butter, Honey, Jams/Jellies, Fire Tender, Creams, Lotions, Potions, Pills, etc, The kit includes two 6ml (.20oz) bottles and two 15ml (.50oz)  bottles. Two 1/4oz jars and two 1oz jars.  Two 1/4oz vials and two 1/2oz vials. And 1 of our handy Mini Funnels.   And to make sure your not guessing whats inside, each bottle, jar, and vial has a blank label so you can write the contents.  Secure label with a piece of tape for longer use.  Dropper Bottle Size: 6ml bottle (2.30" tall x .70" dia), 15ml bottle (3.10" tall x .98" dia)   Dropper Bottle Material: HDPE Plastic.  Dropper Bottle Weight: 6ml bottle .13oz (3.8grams) & 15ml bottle .24oz (6.9grams). Drop size: is 40uL (.001oz) per drop. Jar Size: 1/4oz jar (1.25" Tall x 1.00" ID), 1oz jar (1.65" Tall x 1.40" ID)   Jar Material: Polyproplyene.  Jar Weight: 1/4oz jar .22oz (6.7grams) & 1oz jar .35oz (10.4grams).  Vial Size: 1/4oz vial (2.05" tall x .72" dia), 1/2oz vial (2.95" tall x .87" dia)   Vial Material: HDPE Plastic.  Vial Weight: .1/2oz vial .15oz (4.2grams) & 1/2oz bottle .19oz (5.5grams).  Funnel Size: 2.25" wide at the top x 2.75" tall x .25" spout.    Funnel Weight: .14oz (4.0grams)  Funnel Mateiral: Polyproplene.  Everything Made in USA.


* Labels are included with the kit but not placed on bottles, jars, and vials as we recommend washing before use.