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Potty Trowel

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Our Potty Trowel is made using  Aerospace Grade 7075 T-6 Aluminum which is one of the strongest aluminum alloys made.  This alloy is comparable in strength to many mild steels and is commonly used to make airplanes, climbing equipment, bicycle components and many military weapons.  Its pretty much overkill for the application, but its super tough stuff.  So tough that you can stand on the trowel to dig those big bulletproof holes you couldn't before.  I also made it more comfortable on your hands by using a thicker grade of material.  While the trade off is a little extra weight compared to the other "ultralight trowels" on the market, your hands will thankyou after your first big hole on your way out (gas station burrito).  Size: 8" long x 2.5" wide.  Weight: 1.35oz.  Color: Natural (There's no lipstick on this pig).  Proudly made by us, right here in the USA.