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Apex Tent Stakes

$2.50 - $3.50
Size & Length:

Our Apex stakes are made using Aerospace Grade 7075 T-6 Aluminum which is one of the strongest aluminum alloys made.  This Alloy is comparable in strength to many steels and is commonly used to make Airplanes, Climbing Equipment, Bicycle Components and many Military Weapons.   And in strength to weight ratios, it is even stronger than some grades of Titanium.  Specifically the Grade 2 material that all the overpriced Titanium V stakes are made from.   Compared to them our Apex stakes are stronger, lighter and hold better.  We designed our Apex stakes to be very versatile and work equally well in hard rocky soils, soft soils, sand, light snow, forest duff, etc. To make the stakes we first waterjet cut them to size and shape.   Then we drill the holes in a specially made jig.  After that we mark the stakes with a metal stamp with our branding so you know that they are officially made by us.  Then we bend them in three spots on our custom made bender which significantly increases their strength and bending resistance.  Last but not least we rotary tumble the stakes until they are silky smooth.  The surface finish is left natural as it increases the holding power of the stakes. We found that Anodizing them pretty colors like everyone else does, makes them more slippery out of the ground and not hold as good.  And for those of you who set your tent up in bottomless sand or snow they have side cut outs at the half way point so you can tie cordage around the middle and bury as deep as you like.  Sizes: 7.5" long x .90" wide, weight: .55oz (15 grams) & 9.0" long x 1.05" wide, weight 1.00oz (28 grams) .  Proudly made by us, right here in the USA.