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Employment Opportunities:

Marketing genius: Part Time. Offsite. We are looking for a marketing genius who already has job and knows the industry but likes to moonlight.  Someone that likes the outdoors, is creative, and can help to promote our company around the world.  

Machinst and/or Tool and Die Maker: Part Time. Offsite. We have a constant need for specialty tools, dies, fixtures, and custom machines to be made.  We make most of them inhouse, but we never have enough time. So if your a tool and die maker or a machinst and have your own machines and your looking for extra work please let us know.

Sewers: Part Time. Offsite.  From time to time we have oppurtunities to sew products for other compaines.  You must have your own industrial sewing equipment and be proficient in all the common outdoor materials and seam types.  

Graphic Designer/s: Part Time. Offsite.  We plan to eventually start making our own organic cotton/recycled polyester t-shirts, hats, and sticker line. Basically improve our "branding". Eventually it could become more than that..   If you love designing and you love the outdoors please let us know. 

Web Designer:  Part Time. Offsite.  We are constantly trying to make our website better.  If this is something you know alot about, especially in regards to ecommerce, shopping cart software, etc.  please let us know. 

Product Photographer: Part Time. Offsite.  We currently shoot our product photos ourselves and have them edited by a graphic designer friend who does a great job.  The finished product is great but as we add new products, I would like them to be even better. If you know alot about product photography and would like to shoot outdoor gear please let us know.

Other than the jobs above, we have no other specific needs at the moment.  BUT we are always on the lookout for someone awesome!   Please send your information, questions and resumes to either Lawson or Danielle at so we can start a conversation.  Thanks