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Whoopie Line - 2.3mm - Orange


Our Dyneema Whoopie Line is designed to be used for making whoopie slings.  It is made from a UV resistant Urethane Coated Dyneema SK78.   This yields a finished product that is 15x stronger than steel, while having very low stretch, almost zero creep and is lightweight enough to float on water.   The urethane coating is applied at the filament level so it adds increased wear life and knot-holding capability.   Since this line is a single braid construction, it is very easy to splice.  This cord is manufactured in house, on our braiding machines using the best quality yarns available.  It is sized between 1.8mm New England Dynaglide and 7/64" Amsteel Blue. Diameter: 2.3mm (3/32"), Weight: 2.00oz per 50', Break Strength: 1,250lbs.  Made In USA