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Reflective Glowire

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Stop tripping over your guylines and start using our highly reflective Glowire cord.  It is specifically designed to be used as a guyline for low stretch applications such as guying out tents, tarps and shelters. The cord is constructed with a High Tenacity UV Resistant Polyester Jacket, two super reflective 3M Scotlite tracers, and an Extra High Tenacity Polyester Parallel Fiber Core. This results in a finished product that is strong, low stretch, uv resistant, and very tangle resistant.  The reflective tracers work like a road sign, when you hit it with a light, the reflective tracers reflect the light and it shines right back at you.  Review after review says its the best reflective cord made. Period.  This cord is proudly designed, developed, and manufactured by us, right here in the USA.  Available in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm. Black, Orange, and Yellow.  50', 100', and 200' hanks.  Please contact us for pricing and availability if interested in a 600'- 5000' spool.




2mm (5/64"),weight .04oz (1.13grams) per foot, 225lbs break strength

3mm (1/8"), weight .08oz (2.26 grams) per foot, 450lbs break strength

4mm (5/32"), weight .135oz (3.82 grams) per foot, 850lbs break strength

5mm (13/64"), weight .235oz (6.66 grams) per foot, 1250lbs break strength



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Product FAQ


How can I melt the ends of the Glowire?

If you have a hot knife cutter or a solidering iron with a blade thats the best.   If not, its no big deal at all.  You can cut the line with a pair of scissors or a knife and melt the ends with a lighter, match, candle, campfire, blow torch or even a flame thrower.  


Why is your Glowire cord so reflective compared to other reflective cords on the market?

We designed our Glowire to be very reflective.  In order to do this we use actual 3M Scotchlite reflctive tracers and we braid twice as much of this yarn into the jacket.  Our competetors designed their cords to be very profitable.   So to keep costs cheap they have their cords made in China where they use knock off 3M Scotchlite which is half as relflective. Then to make matters worse they braid half as much of this yarn into the jacket.  The result is a cord that is more expensive then ours but about 1/4 as reflective. Its a difference thats very easy to see in the dark. 


What line tensioners work the best with your Glowire?

Our Bar Tensioners are the best line tensioners made for any cord.  They far exceed anything else made for ease of use and they do not slip ever.   They also work really good when wearing gloves in the winter.  


Will your 2mm Glowire work with Lineloc 3's?

Short answer is yes!  But its complicated...  First and foremost the Lineloc 3's were designed to work with 3mm cords. As such 3mm cords work the best with them.  This is the only diameter that will break a lineloc 3 at the webbing cross bar at roughly 120lbs of tension before slipping without backing it up with a knot.  If you use 3mm line, you don't have to do anything special, just pull your line tight and your good to go.  Anything less than 3mm will eventually slip with enough tension.   But for alot of conditions you don't have to have a 3mm line for the Lineloc 3's to work without slipping.