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TAC Line - Coyote Tan w/Blk Fleck

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Our TAC Line is the ultimate small diameter do anything Tactical Type SERE cord.  Its compact in size and very strong as it features a High Tenacity UV Resistant Polyester Jacket and Three Para-Aramid (Kevlar/Twaron) Cable Core strands.  Each of the Three Para-Aramind cable core strands are rated to over 135lbs of break strength, they are fire resistant up to 932 degree F, and hard as hell to cut.  Para-Aramid fiber is commonly used in fire rescue ropes to save lives, body armor to stop bullets, and high performance sails to win world cup races.   Like all of our products, this was designed, tested and made by us, on our braiding machines right here in the USA. Size 2mm (5/64"), Weight: 2.0oz (per 50'), Break Strength: Total: 400lbs,  Jacket: 175lbs, Core 135 lbs x 3 (The jacket and core have different elongations at break so cannot be added together for total strength) Special Instructions:  The core will not melt into the jacket so its best cut the cord to length and then milk the jacket over the core before melting.  Its not a huge deal, but is an extra step.  Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!