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Reflective Glowire 50' Orange


Never trip over your tent/tarp guyline again when you use our highly reflective Glowire. The Glowire is 3/32" (2.5mm) in diameter and is made from a High Tenacity Polyester (Dacron) for high strength, low stretch, great UV resistance, no moisture absorption, and the ability for the core to melt into the jacket in the field. The glowire cord has two highly reflective 3M tracers so when you hit it with a light, it will shine right back at you, just like a road sign.  The cord has a break strength of 225lbs and is suitable for all sorts of backcountry applications including tent/tarp guy lines, ridge lines, guy out lines, bear bagging and anything else you can can think of.   Weighs 1.75oz per 50'.  Like all of our other cordage products, this cord is made in house on our braiding machines (USA).  It is the best reflective cord made. Period.