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Ironwire Spectra Fusion Orange 2mm

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Completely Redesigned from the Ground up.  Our new Ironwire is an 8 strand single braided cord that features a fusion of fibers.  We used 100% Spectra S1000 which is one of the strongest and lightest fibers ever created.  It is 15 times stronger than steel by weight.   We fused the Spectra Fiber with an Ultra UV Resistant High Tenacity Colored Polyester.  The results in a cord that is that has a knobby feel but it holds knots like no other.   The finished product is super strong, lightweight, compact, durable, low stretch and UV Resistant.  Due to the fusion of fibers, you are able to melt the ends of the cord in the field which is something that is hard to do with 100% spectra/dyneema cords.  This cord was not designed for a certain task.  Its the ultimate all around cord that can be used for anything you can can think of.   It will immediately replace cords like 550 Para-Cord as its stronger, lighter and more compact,   This cord is manufactured in house on our braiding machines using the best quality yarns available. Diameter: 2mm (3/32"), Weight: 1.30oz per 50',Break Strength: TBD as we are waiting on third party break testing but we tested it to be over 600lbs. Made In USA.  Color is a mottled blend of Bright Neon Orange Polyester and White Spectra.  This cord is Spliceable.