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Dyneema Ironwire 50' Orange


Dyneema IronWire is a hi-viz orange 2.35mm, 12 strand, single braid cord that's suitable for hauling applications including bear bagging, tent guy lines, tarp ridge lines, and anything else you can can think of.  Unlike other Dyneema/Spectra based accessory cords ours is made using 100% Dyneema fiber and yields the highest strength, lightest weight, lowest stretch and longest wear life available.   It has a break strength of 1,000 lbs and is vinyl coated to ensure great knot holding capability.  


-Size: 2.35mm x 50'
-Weight Rating: 1,000lbs
-Material: Dyneema
-Colors: Hi Viz Orange
-Weight: 1.25oz per 50'
-Made In The USA 

-Ironwire Review on Brian's Backpacking Blog